Retired Kids

We want to pay tribute to these wonderful dogs that have contributed to our breeding program in the past. Without them we wouldn't be where we are today! Hit the candy cane to see the accomplishments of each dog.
  CH. CandyLand's Pecan Pralines ROM                                  
  CH. CandyLand's Crystalzyed Apricot                                   
  CH. CandyLand's Abba Zabba   ROM                              
  CH. CandyLand's Almond Butterscotch                                 
  CH. CandyLand's Diva at D Square                                 
  CH. CandyLand's Buckeye  ROM                            
  CH. CandyLand's BLK Walnut Satin                                
  CH. CandyLand's Special Light                              
  CH. CandyLand's My Buddy Candy Bar                             
  CH. CandyLand's Cookies "N Creame Fudge                             
  CH. CandyLand's  Butterscotch                             
  CH. CandyLand's  Kissables                            
  CH. CandyLand's  Wig Wag Candy Bar